I want a Rift Pro after all…


After Abrashes OC5 keynote its looking like Eyetracking with Foveated Rendering and thus all the large increases in other specs that depend on it wont be ready for about 4 more years till 2022. My May 2016 Rift will physically not last that long never mind me not wanting it to. I do not want to buy another 2016 spec Rift in 2020 for example to tide me over to a CV2 (an incredible CV2 granted) that wont come till 2022.

Before we learned how long true Gen 2 is going to take, I scoffed at the small panel res jump of the Vive Pro, it using the old Vive lenses and especially the price and its still a bit of a joke but I am no longer against the idea of an inter-generational Rift update to tide us over till 2022.

A Rift Pro would have several major things going for it compared to Vive Pro.

* Unlike the Vive Pro it would be using the fantastic Gen 2 Lenses from the Go&Quest which reduce Godrays.

* It would use the same 1440 x 1600 pixel per eye OLED panels as the Vive Pro, Samsung Oddysey and Quest.

* Oculus already got more out of the exact same panels as the Vive by sacrificing a little vertical FOV, using better hybrid gen 1 lenses, not going for 100% binocular overlap and better warping algorithms that maximise pixel utilisation compared to Vive to the point where SDE on the current 2016 Rift is already quite a bit closer to that of the Vive Pro than the Vive itself is. So combine all that with a Rift Pro actually using the same panels as the Vive Pro and what have you got? Something quite a bit better than the Vive Pro I’d wager!

* No need for Oculus to re-engineer the Rift CV1 Chassis in any way because we already have a great formfactor, fit and finish, and fantastic integrated audio solution.

* No need to re-tool manufacturing, remold parts. Just put the Quest Optical Blocks (panels and lenses) into a CV1 chassis.

I’m pretty sure they could sell this Rift Pro for literally only $100 more than Rift CV1 and for those hundreds of thousands of us with CV1’s despairing at a 4 year wait till CV2 and worrying if our CV1’s will even physically last that long, we could have a SKU with only the HMD included for possibly $100 less than current CV1 prices because we already own Touch and Cameras.

TLDR: Rift Pro would make a lot more sense now compared to in the past considering its looking like another 4 year wait for an Eyetracking with Foveated Rendering equipped uber high spec CV2. It would be a lot better than a Vive Pro and a heck of a lot cheaper.

Oculus, just call it the Rift Advance if you dont want to copy the Pro Moniker.
Dont worry about going back on previous statements saying you wouldnt build an inter generational Rift HMD. Frame it like your most enthusiastic best customers begged you. You listened because you put customers first…[PR Marketting Speak bullshit Blah Blah]

…**please** for the love of all that is holy u/biribe u/natemitchell et al !!

If you guys dont respond I’ll assume it means there is no need for a Rift Advance because CV2 will be coming in 2020 after all and Abrashs’ obfuscation at OC5 was simply to keep competitors guessing about your R&D progress and because you didn’t want any CV2 information to steal the thunder from Quest at this years Oculus Connect. 😉 😉


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