I tried SURV1V3 on the HTC Vive! The new Left 4 Dead in VR?!

Hi guys,

today I got the opportunity to play SURV1V3 Pre-Early-Access version on my Vive:


This game is so awesome! You can play it with up to 4 players in co-op and you have to get to the next safe room and to solve quests like activating a generator and stuff.

Of course there are a lot zombies that dont want you to win, so you have to shoot them or kill them by axe or other equipment.

You can even hide from them by pouring yourself with zombie guts like in The Walking Dead. So you can just walk through the horde…

Graphics and atmosphere are really good, I didnt find any big issues.

Only thing: The weapons feel like they are pointing too much to the ground when I hold the controllers directly in front of me.

Here is 40 minutes of gameplay (german commented) if you want to have a look:


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