I 100% agree with John’s Carmack statement that all VR really needs to be is “Screens and People”


I have long had the opinion that these big awesome VR gaming experiences like Superhot, Echo Arena etc are great fun and all, but they are more like Roller Coasters, in that they are something that big and exciting to do now and then and to show people, but not something that the majority of VR users are going to do every day, something that Carmack said himself.

There are plenty of exceptions to this, there are plenty of people that love Active standing VR all day every day, and good for them, there are people who could do roller coasters every day.

To me, all I really want from VR is Screens and People. As in I want screens and monitors that are as good as their real life counter parts for legacy computing stuff and yes pancake games in VR, and really compelling social presence. Basically I want a living room type experience where I can hang out and game and watch stuff with buddies, and an Office type experience with screens all over the place for working etc.


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