HTC Vive Tracking Wobble

I have had this slight wobble issue since getting the vive five days ago. The video is with the headset stationary on a solid wood chair. It’s slightly less noticeable when wearing it, but it’s definitely bad enough to give me nausea if I play anything for longer than 15 minutes.

Nothing I do seems to fix it:

* I have Mounted lighthouses securely with the mounting kits. They feel rock solid.
* Using the sync cable has no impact.
* Covering floors, windows, TV changes nothing.
* I got a [new USB 3.0 PCI-E card]( that uses the Oculus approved Fresco Logic FL1100 chipset. This improved the chaperone camera experience but did nothing for this issue.
* I tried disabling each lighthouse, using one at a time and facing it straight on, one meter away, same issue.

Something that occurred to me is that the lighthouses seem really sensitive to power fluctuations, shutting on/off my tv really messes up tracking for a second. I wonder if the power I get from the grid isn’t clean enough for the lighthouses to keep their timing just right.

Other than that or some issue with the accelerometers, I’m at a loss. Some other users have reported seeing this as well. It would be useful to know if there is someone that definitely *doesn’t* have the problem as described here.

It’s pretty easy to test, just enter any game, put the headset on the floor and watch the SteamVR mirroring on your monitor/tv.


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