HTC Vive Full Body Tracking Demo in VR! Hands-on Vive Trackers for Body Tracking in Virtual Reality

Let´s check out Full Body Tracking with three Vive Trackers on HTC Vive in Virtual Reality, how it works, how it looks and how it feels! Yesterday I got my 3 recently ordered Vive Trackers and now it´s time to check out the endless possibilities The Vive Tracker is giving us in VR! To do full body tracking with the Vive Trackers today, we are using a free demo that a skilled coder named JamesBear created, its kalled Vive IK Demo!

Thank you so much JamesBear for letting us try this free and great piece of code!

Check out JamesBear’s Vive IK Demo, download it here:

Bare in mind, this is not true Full Body tracking, as this demo did not allow me to track my head movements and position of the HTC Vive headset, so without head tracking it´s kind of a “simplified” way of Body Tracking, but hey – it still works great and I think this is a lovely first demonstration of what we can expect to see, try and get spoiled with, very soon in Virtual Reality 🙂

In this video, or at least the last 5-6 minutes of it, Im also talking about the HTC Vive Tracker itself, going through the box-content (not really unboxing) and some more thoughts. I think the Vive Tracker its an amazing piece of technology that really makes VR so much better and opens up so many doors to new VR gameplay possibilities and styles. Playing soccer with your feets, walking around just like in real-life, playing online against people where you actually can see all their body movements… I mean, this really IS the future of Virtual Reality!

You can order Vive Trackers online:

So guys, let me know what you think of the Vive Trackers, please hit the Like button if you enjoyed this capture and dont´t forget to subscribe to SweViver for much more upcoming VR gameplay and Mixed Reality gameplay videos coming up. Thanks for watching and have a lovely evening!

Martin the SweViver

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