How To Cancel UNICEF USA

Cancelling a recurring donation, like those given to UNICEF USA, is a process that requires clear communication and a few simple steps. This guide will provide you with the necessary instructions to ensure that your monthly donation to UNICEF USA is successfully cancelled. We understand that financial circumstances and personal preferences can change, and we respect your decision to stop your monthly contributions.

Whether you’re planning to cancel via email or over the phone, we will walk you through each method, step by step. Please note that the following instructions are based on information available up until September 2021, and the procedure may have changed slightly since then. Let’s get started with the cancellation process.

Steps Of Cancelling UNICEF USA Subscription

Option 1: Cancelling via Email

  1. Open your email client and compose a new email.
  2. In the “To” field, type the email address: [email protected]
  3. For the subject, consider something like “Request to Cancel Monthly Donation”
  4. In the body of the email, provide your full name, address, postcode, and email address. Be sure to request that they cancel your monthly donations.
  5. Ask for a confirmation of the cancellation to be sent to your email.
  6. Once you’ve written your email, click “Send.”
  7. Keep an eye on your inbox for the confirmation of your donation cancellation.

Option 2: Cancelling over the Phone

  1. Dial the UNICEF USA customer service number: 1 (212) 922-2626.
  2. Once you’re connected, let the representative know that you wish to cancel your monthly donations.
  3. They may ask for your name, address, postcode, and email address to verify your identity. Provide this information.
  4. Request a confirmation of your cancellation. This can either be sent to your email or mailed to your home address.
  5. Once you receive this confirmation, your monthly donation has been cancelled.

Consider Alternatives Of UNICEF USA

With the ever-increasing need for international aid, UNICEF USA has been at the forefront of providing support to the most vulnerable children across the world. However, while the organization has been instrumental in alleviating poverty and improving access to education, healthcare, and water, there are alternative organizations that can provide similar services.

  1. Save the Children: This organization has a similar mission to UNICEF USA in improving child welfare around the world. Save the Children has been in the business of providing emergency response, healthcare, and education services for children across the globe.
  2. World Vision International: This organization is another alternative to UNICEF USA, providing support for children in crisis, development assistance, and emergency response. They have a strong focus on child protection and rehabilitation in areas affected by conflict and natural disasters.
  3. CARE: This organization has been around for over 70 years and has been working on poverty alleviation, improving education, healthcare, and women’s rights in over 100 countries. CARE has a strong focus on building systems to support the community rather than just providing immediate relief.
  4. Doctors Without Borders: This organization focuses on providing healthcare to those in need during times of crisis or disaster. They have teams of volunteer medical professionals across the globe that provide essential medical care in areas where healthcare infrastructure has been destroyed or is non-existent.
  5. International Rescue Committee: This organization provides support to those affected by humanitarian crises including conflict and natural disasters. They provide healthcare, education, and other services to support refugee and displaced populations in rebuilding their lives.
How To Cancel UNICEF USA

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