How To Cancel Skillshare Membership

Are you looking to cancel your Skillshare membership? Perhaps you’ve tried the platform and found it wasn’t quite what you were looking for, or maybe you’ve simply decided to move on to other pursuits. Whatever the reason, canceling your Skillshare membership is a straightforward process that can be completed quickly and easily.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps you need to take to cancel your Skillshare membership, including how to ensure you don’t get charged for the next billing cycle. So whether you’re ready to move on to other learning platforms or just taking a break, read on to learn how to cancel your Skillshare membership hassle-free.

Can I Cancel Skillshare

Yes, you can cancel your Skillshare subscription any time you want. Whether you are experiencing financial difficulties or simply are no longer interested in using Skillshare, cancellation is certainly an option.

How To Cancel Skillshare Membership

Here is what you need to know about cancelling your Skillshare membership:

Cancel During Paid Subscription

  • To cancel your Skillshare membership, you need to log in to your account
  • Go to the account settings.
  • From there, select the Payments option in the left navigation menu
  • Click on Cancel membership.
  • Follow the steps provided to complete the cancellation process.

Once you have canceled, you will still have access to all of Skillshare’s content until the end of your paid period.

It’s important to note that you must cancel your membership to end it, as simply uninstalling the app without canceling will result in continued charges.

Cancel During Free Trial

If you haven’t paid anything yet and are still in your free trial period, simply unsubscribe from the site and your credit card will not be charged.

If you are hesitant about cancelling your Skillshare subscription, you might consider downgrading your membership instead. Skillshare offers a cheaper “Basic” subscription plan which still lets you access a limited selection of courses. You’ll lose access to premium courses and resources, but you’ll save yourself some money.

Why Anyone Want To Cancel Skillshare Subscription

There could be several reasons why anyone may want to cancel their Skillshare subscription:

  1. Not using the platform frequently: If you signed up for Skillshare with the intention of learning a new skill or taking courses, but haven’t been using the platform frequently, you may consider cancelling your subscription. You could save money by only subscribing when you actually have time to use the site.
  2. Unable to afford the subscription: Skillshare offers two types of membership – Free and Premium. While the free membership provides access to a limited number of classes, the Premium membership comes with a monthly or annual subscription fee that can be a burden for some individuals. If you’re unable to afford the Premium membership, it may be more sensible to cancel your subscription until you are in a better financial position.
  3. Finding the content unsatisfactory: Skillshare has a wide range of courses for various subjects, but not every course will be of interest to you. Additionally, the quality of the content may not meet your expectations. If you’re constantly disappointed or have exhausted all of the courses in the subject(s) you’re interested in, it may be time to cancel your subscription.
  4. Switching to an alternative platform: Skillshare is not the only platform that offers online courses. If you find a more suitable platform that meets your needs or offers better content, you may consider cancelling your Skillshare subscription.
  5. Technical issues: Sometimes, technical issues such as slow loading times, poor video quality, or difficulty logging in with your account can make Skillshare frustrating to use. If these issues persist and you’re unable to find a solution, cancelling your subscription may be the best option.

There are several reasons why anyone may want to cancel their Skillshare subscription. It’s important to assess what works best for you in terms of learning styles, finances, and time management.

About The Subscription Fee Of Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning platform that offers various courses for users to learn from. The platform offers both free and premium courses with a subscription fee, and the premium courses can be accessed by paying a monthly or annual fee. The subscription fee provides the user with unlimited access to all premium courses on Skillshare. However, users can still access a few select premium courses on a free trial basis.

  1. The monthly subscription fee for Skillshare is $15 per month, and the user is billed every month. This plan is suitable for users who prefer flexible cancellations and do not want to commit to the platform for an extended period.
  2. The annual subscription fee is billed annually, and the user is charged $99 per year. This plan is suitable for users who plan on using Skillshare for a longer period and want to reduce their subscription cost.
  3. Skillshare also offers a team plan, which allows businesses and organizations to purchase subscriptions for their team members. The plan starts at $99 per user per year and provides team members with access to thousands of courses on the platform.
  4. The subscription fee for Skillshare is non-refundable, and cancelling the subscription will stop the billing cycle for the next period. For example, if the user cancels their monthly subscription in the middle of the billing month, they will still have access to premium courses until the end of the billing cycle.

The subscription fee of Skillshare is an investment in individual growth and learning. By paying the subscription fee, users have access to courses taught by professionals and experts in their fields. The platform offers various courses in design, business, technology, and many more that can help users enhance their skills and knowledge.

The subscription fee is also beneficial to instructors who use the platform to teach their courses. The fee helps support the instructors and helps them earn money by teaching and creating courses.

In conclusion, the subscription fee of Skillshare is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to learn something new or enhance their skills. The platform offers flexible options to fit the user’s preferences, and the fee helps support instructors who use the platform to teach their courses.

Does Skillshare Have A Cancellation Fee?

Yes, Skillshare does have a cancellation fee. However, the fee only applies if you cancel your premium membership before the end of your billing cycle. If you cancel during the trial period or after the billing cycle ends, there won’t be any fees applied.

  1. The cancellation fee is equal to the cost of one month’s membership fee.
  2. This fee is charged to your account immediately upon cancellation.
  3. The cancellation fee applies to both monthly and annual premium memberships.
  4. If you cancel your premium membership and reactivate it within 90 days, you won’t be charged the cancellation fee again.

It’s important to note that Skillshare offers a free trial period to new users. During this trial period, you have full access to all premium features without being charged. If you choose to cancel your membership during the trial period, there won’t be any fees applied.

To cancel your Skillshare premium membership, simply go to your account settings and follow the steps to cancel. It’s a fairly straightforward process, but be sure to check your billing cycle before canceling to avoid any unnecessary fees.

Consider Alternatives Of Skillshare

If you are looking for an alternative to Skillshare, there are several options available that offer a similar range of classes and courses focused on creative skills, technology, and business. Here are a few to consider:

  1. Udemy: Udemy is an online learning marketplace that hosts over 130,000 courses in a wide variety of topics, including photography, design, marketing, programming, and more. Unlike Skillshare, Udemy courses are created by individual instructors, so the quality can vary. However, there are many high-quality courses available, and Udemy frequently offers discounts to make them more affordable.
  2. CreativeLive: CreativeLive offers a range of classes and workshops focused on creative fields like photography, design, and music. The platform offers live-streamed classes that can be accessed for free or purchased for lifetime access to the content. Like Skillshare, CreativeLive also offers a subscription service for unlimited access to a library of courses.
  3. MasterClass: MasterClass is a platform that offers online courses taught by world-famous experts in various fields. The classes are pre-recorded and cover topics like writing, cooking, sports, and music. While MasterClass is more expensive than Skillshare, it offers a unique opportunity to learn from some of the best in the world.
  4. LinkedIn Learning: LinkedIn Learning (formerly offers thousands of courses on topics like business, technology, and creative skills. The platform offers a variety of courses from’s extensive library, as well as new content created specifically for LinkedIn Learning. Like Skillshare, LinkedIn Learning offers a subscription service for unlimited access to all courses.
  5. Treehouse: Treehouse is an online learning platform focused on teaching coding and web development skills. The platform offers courses on subjects like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. Unlike Skillshare, Treehouse courses are organized into structured tracks, so learners can follow a clear path to mastery.
How To Cancel Skillshare Membership

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