How To Cancel Constellation Services

Constellation Energy is a leading provider of various energy services, ranging from electricity and natural gas to home security and HVAC maintenance. While their offerings cater to diverse needs, there may be circumstances where you might want to cancel your service, perhaps due to a move, a switch to another provider, or a change in your energy needs.

In such cases, it’s important to understand how to cancel Constellation services properly to avoid any unnecessary complications or fees. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process to ensure a smooth transition away from Constellation Energy.

How to Cancel Constellation Subscription

If you wish to cancel your Constellation service, here is a step-by-step guide that may assist you:

Review Your Contract

Before initiating a cancellation, it’s crucial to review your service agreement. Understand the terms and conditions, specifically any details related to cancellation or early termination fees. This step will help you prepare for any charges that may apply due to canceling the service prematurely.

Contact Constellation

Once you have all the information handy, it’s time to contact the Constellation Customer Care Team. Use the appropriate contact number based on your location:

  • For customers in Georgia, call 877-677-4355.
  • For customers in Texas, call 888-900-7052.
  • Customers outside of Georgia and Texas should dial 855-465-1244.

Alternatively, you can also visit the Constellation Contact Us page for more options to get in touch with them.

Request Cancellation

When you’re connected with a customer service representative, explain that you wish to cancel your service. Provide them with the necessary information. If you have any questions or concerns about the cancellation process or fees, be sure to ask during this conversation.

Confirm Cancellation

Before ending the call, ensure you receive a confirmation number or email for your cancellation. It’s vital to have a record of the cancellation request.

What does Constellation Energy Do

Constellation Energy is a significant player in the U.S. energy sector, specializing in supplying power and energy-related products and services to homes and businesses across the country. The company is committed to a sustainable future, aiming to produce 95% carbon-free electricity by 2030 and reach 100% by 2040. They also have a goal to completely eliminate operations-driven emissions by the same year.

Headquartered in Baltimore, Constellation Energy is known for its dedication to renewable energy, harnessing power from solar, wind, and hydro sources. However, the company’s primary products are electricity and natural gas.

Here’s a breakdown of the services provided by Constellation Energy:


As one of the leading suppliers, Constellation Energy provides electricity to both residential and commercial customers across its service areas. This power is produced using a mix of fossil fuels and nuclear energy sources, with a growing emphasis on renewable energy.

Natural Gas

Constellation Energy offers natural gas to customers, which is used for various applications, including heating air and water and running certain appliances.

Air Conditioning Bundle

Recognizing the critical role that HVAC systems play in the comfort and safety of homes and businesses, Constellation Energy offers an air-conditioning protection plan. Customers can bundle this with their power bills, helping them handle maintenance and repairs for their HVAC systems more easily.

Home Security

Under the Constellation Connect service, the company provides home security solutions with smart home features. This service is available to eligible customers, enhancing the security and efficiency of their homes.

Home Services

In specific areas, including Maryland, Texas, and Georgia, Constellation Energy offers a Home Services plan. This service covers maintenance and repair for key home systems, including HVAC, water heater, and plumbing systems.

Does Constellation Have A Cancellation Fee?

Constellation, like many other energy service providers, may charge an early termination fee depending on the specifics of the contract you choose. These details often vary based on the type of plan selected and the terms agreed upon when you sign up.

If you select a month-to-month electricity plan with Constellation, there are typically no cancellation fees involved. This means you can switch or terminate your plan without any financial penalties, providing flexibility if your energy needs or circumstances change.

However, if you opt for a fixed-term contract with Constellation, you may face an early termination fee if you decide to cancel before your contract period ends. These long-term agreements usually provide a lower rate in exchange for a commitment to a set contract length.

The exact amount of the cancellation fee and the terms under which it applies can vary. These specifics should be clearly outlined in your contract documents. It’s crucial to read these carefully before you commit to a plan.

If you have any questions about potential cancellation fees or other terms of your contract, it’s recommended to reach out to Constellation’s Customer Care Team. Their representatives can help clarify any confusing terms and ensure you understand what you’re signing up for.

Consider Alternatives Of Constellation

While Constellation may be a popular choice for many, there are a variety of alternatives that are worth considering. Here are a few:

  1. Direct Energy: This company offers a range of plan options, including fixed-rate plans, variable-rate plans, and green energy plans. They also offer a rewards program for loyal customers.
  2. Reliant Energy: Reliant Energy offers a variety of plan options, including fixed-rate plans, month-to-month plans, and plans that include free electricity on weekends. They also offer a rewards program and a smart thermostat program.
  3. Gexa Energy: Gexa Energy offers fixed-rate plans, variable-rate plans, and green energy plans. They also offer a rewards program and allow customers to earn cashback when they refer a friend.
  4. TXU Energy: TXU Energy offers fixed-rate plans, variable-rate plans, and green energy plans. They also offer a rewards program and a smart thermostat program.
How To Cancel Constellation Services

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