How To Cancel Avro Energy Subscription

Avro Energy, once a significant energy provider in the UK, ceased its operations in September 2021, resulting in the migration of all its customers to Octopus Energy on 26th September 2021. Despite the broad-scale transfer of over 580,000 customers, there remain some accounts that are pending or unsettled.

If you’re one of these customers seeking to cancel your former Avro Energy subscription, this guide will provide you with the necessary steps to ensure your account is properly closed and your energy services are transferred to a provider of your choice.

How To Cancel Avro Energy Subscription

Before initiating the cancellation process, gather all relevant information about your Avro Energy subscription. This includes your account number, recent bills, and customer reference number.

Check your most recent bill or the initial contract agreement to determine your contract’s length and the potential charges for early cancellation, if applicable.

Avro Energy offers three cancellation methods: phone, email, or through a new energy provider. Decide which method is most convenient for you.

Cancellation via Phone

If you choose to cancel via phone, dial Avro Energy’s customer service number at 0330 058 2005. Provide them with all necessary information including your account and customer reference number. Inform them of your wish to cancel your subscription.

Cancellation via Email

For email cancellations, send your cancellation request to [email protected]. Make sure to include your account details, customer reference number, and reason for cancellation in your email.

Cancellation through New Provider

If you plan to switch to a new energy provider, you can cancel your Avro Energy subscription through them. Simply provide your new energy provider with your meter reading and they will handle the cancellation process with Avro Energy.

After the cancellation request, keep a close eye on your bank account to ensure Avro Energy is no longer deducting payments. If you notice any irregularities, contact Avro Energy’s customer service immediately.

When to Cancel Avro Energy

Cancelling Avro Energy Within 14 Days:

In the United Kingdom, under The Consumer Contract Regulations, consumers are entitled to a 14-day cooling-off period after signing a contract, during which they can cancel their purchase without incurring cancellation fees. This means that if you signed up with Avro Energy and decided within those first 14 days that you no longer wish to continue with their services, you can terminate your contract without any penalties. This provides a risk-free period to assess whether the services meet your energy needs.

Cancelling Avro Energy After 14 Days:

If you choose to cancel your Avro Energy subscription after the 14-day cooling-off period, there won’t be any financial penalties for the cancellation. However, until another energy provider is appointed to your premises, Avro Energy will continue to supply energy under their Deemed Contract terms and conditions. This ensures that you have no disruption in your energy supply while you are in the process of switching to a new provider. It’s important to note that Avro Energy’s rates under the Deemed Contract could be different from those in your original agreement.

Consider Alternatives Of Avro Energy

Avro Energy is a popular energy supplier in the UK, catering to the needs of residential and business customers. However, when it comes to choosing an energy supplier, it’s always better to explore alternative options to ensure that you’re getting the best price, customer service, and energy plans for your needs.

  1. Bulb: Bulb Energy is a green energy supplier that offers affordable prices and flexible plans. They provide renewable energy sourced from solar, wind, and hydroelectric power sources, making them an ideal choice for environmentally-conscious consumers.
  2. E.ON: E.ON is a large energy supplier with a wide range of plans, including fixed-rate and flexible plans. They also offer various incentives and discounts, such as cashback, smart thermostats, and free energy-saving devices to help customers save money and energy.
  3. OVO Energy: OVO Energy is a customer-focused energy supplier that provides various plans, including fixed, variable, and green plans. They also offer a range of helpful tools and services, such as the OVO app, which lets customers track and manage their energy usage and bills.
  4. Octopus Energy: Octopus Energy is another green energy supplier that provides affordable tariffs and transparent billing. They offer various plans, from fixed-rate to flexible plans, and provide 24/7 customer service to assist customers with any concerns.
  5. Scottish Power: Scottish Power is a well-known energy supplier that provides fixed and variable plans for residential and business customers. They also offer various incentives and benefits, such as free boiler cover and energy-saving advice to help customers reduce their energy consumption.
How To Cancel Avro Energy Subscription

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