Help me find a game that my non-gamer GF would like

My GF LOVED Last Guardian VR… She kept talking to Tico hehe 🙂

Can you help me find a suitable game based on the information I will give? I game a lot, and till today this was the only game she loved, let alone liked. I really want her to know how nice and fun it can be to play a game.

**PSVR experiences.**
She thought job simulation was stupid…
Moss was “ok”. Her main problem was that she thought it was difficult to solve [for me easy] puzzles. But she loved the ambience. This is comparable to Last Guardian.

**The problems**
The biggest problem; she thinks a good life is development [learning, knowledge and being with family]. Therefore she thinks gaming is a waste of time. Please don’t ‘burn’ her, she doesn’t mean to insult anyone with her opinion :). So she’s picky!

Another problem is that she can’t play complex games. Even Ratchet and Clank with a camera that followed is to difficult. Even she likes dragon’s, I think Skyrim wouldn’t fancy her either.

To sum up, I guess she will like a game where you don’t have to do anything complex. Definitely without walking and using the camera at the same time. And something with ambience / fairy tale like? Maybe an animal/ “person” to have a relationship with is a good thing as well. What are your recommendations? Will also appreciate non VR games for ps4! [besides PSVR, I know this is the PSVR sub!]

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