Front Defense: Heroes v0.97 Update | Skins & New Map (Beach) + Weapons

Hi all,

It’s been a while since our last update, but we have quite a big one for you guys today!

We are adding in customized soldiers (skins) that you can pick before the round and change the way your character looks in game! Example of some of the new skins-

The update we also feature two new weapons and a new map!

The new map “Beach Invasion” was heavily inspired by the WWII beach map we use to love and play on PC FPS’s here is a quick preview of the map –

As for weapons we have added the a bayonet knife (throw-able) and also smoke grenades. We have been working on smoke grenades for a while and thought it would be a good time now to implement with our new map! Quick trailer demonstrating the new weapons –

You can find our full patch notes on steam:

We have more content and features in the works including but not limited to a ranking system, leaderboards, bolt action (cocking) after reloading for all guns and more weapons and maps. We are listening to all the feedback that we have received and are doing our best to continue to update and polish the game before release!

Join us over at discord to give us feedback and suggestions (likes/dislikes or changes you would like to see) or just to chat with the devs. Also it’s a great place to find other people to play the game with

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