Firewall.. 25 second wait times as opposed to 60 second would eliminate the need for rounds and be MUCH simpler and faster for the devs to implement.

So I use to be on the “omg we need rounds!” Bandwagon, but as I was playing FW today, I realized that it’s actually not THAT bad going back to the lobby right after a match because you atleast have the variety of playing on different maps. What makes it bad is just the wait time. No joke, 25 second wait time would do wonders and I imagine something like that would be SUPER easy for the devs to change.

Think about it, when you play Rainbow Six Siege, yes it has rounds but even in between rounds when people are selecting their character for that round, and waiting for people to ready up, it’s still a solid 30 secnods or so during that time before you are back in the action.

I tell you right now, if the devs gave a choice of simply lowering the wait time to 25 seconds now, or waiting a month or two for rounds, I say lower it to 25 seconds and be done with it! I’m no dev but let’s be real, I can’t imagine any situation where such a simple update would be hard and long time to implement.

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