Extension cables for HMD


After knocking over and spilling a liquor bottle all over my desk during a Beat Saber session the other night, I am thinking I want to extend the cable for my HMD. I have very little slack in the cable as it stands with the position I was standing back from my desk when I smacked the bottle on my desk. My desk is L shaped, so I have to stand further back from it than an ordinary desk.

So my question is, do I need to use any special extension cables if my goal is just to increase the HMD cable range by a few feet? Nothing crazy long. I actually already a HDMI female to female adapter on hand, although I’m pretty sure it’s passive, so not sure if it’d work. I would still need to get a USB 3 extension. Does that need to be an active extension cable even just for a few extra feet, or could I just find a passive one?


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