(EveValkyrie.org) CCP to demo new Oculus prototype at Fanfest


In a conversation with CCP Karuck AKA Sigurdur Gunnarsson Senior Programmer for Valkyrie, I asked if the Oculus Crystal Cove will be demoing at Fanfest, CCP’s convention for their games hosted in Iceland. The answer i got was a little more than i expected!

[16:26:52] <Tritanium_Bird> [CCP]Karuck, i dont suppose that Valkyrie will be demo’d on the Crystal Cove?
[16:27:52] <@[CCP]Karuck> Tritanium_Bird: We are already demoing Valkyrie on Crystal Cove :)
[16:28:16] <@[CCP]Karuck> what we’ll have for Fanfest… wait and see :)
[16:29:56] <@[CCP]Karuck> but Oculus already have stuff better than Crystal Cove ;)

For those who are not used to it, this is a very typical vague CCP “I know something you don’t know and I’m not gonna tell you!” answer but it certainly means that something interesting is on the horizon for Oculus and Valkyrie fans alike!

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Story courtesy of EveValkyrie.org

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