Don’t Buy The LG G6 – If You Want VR! (Not an LG G6 Review – But A Stern Warning)

In lots of LG G6 Reviews and LG G6 Hands-On videos you will soon hear how great the phone is. However, if you care about a future proof phone, do not buy the LG G6! The LG G6 is absolutely not future proof!

If you care about being able to use high quality Virtual Reality with your phone DO NOT BUY THE LG G6! The LG G6 is NOT Daydream-Ready! You will NOT be able to use Google Daydream for the next 1 or 2 years that you will be using this phone, since it uses a display that is not good enough for high quality virtual reality!

Why would should care about Virtual Reality on your phone? Because of the incredible things that you can already do with it right NOW, if you decide to buy a phone that is ready for it! You want to know why you should care about VR on your phone? Check out this video about the 10 most awesome things you can do with Daydream VR right now already:

This might not be a full LG G6 review video but if it can help to make you aware of the phone not being able to do high quality mobile VR then it has already fulfilled its purpose!

Do let me know in the comment section below what you think about the LG G6 not being ready for VR!


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