‘Battlefield V’ gameplay trailer shows its take on battle royale


And if you like vehicles, it’s your lucky day — the developers clearly want your choice of ride to play a greater role. You’ll find 17 vehicles in total, including tanks (usually only found in special vehicle lockups), a prototype-only helicopter, an amphibious Schwimmwagen (above) and, yes, a tractor. You can even tow anti-aircraft or anti-tank guns for some extra support.

As hinted earlier, there’s just one Firestorm map on offer so far (Halvøy), but it’s about ten times the size of the already large Hamana map in regular BFV.

Firestorm should be available to everyone for free on March 25th. It looks promising, although the challenge as always will be to convince gamers to give it a try. Between Fortnite, PUBG, Black Ops 4 and EA’s own Apex Legends, battle royale has a well-established audience. It’s not certain how well this lure gamers, especially when it’s part of a paid game in a mostly free-to-play market.


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