Audica has a modding community (and custom maps) now!

If Beat Saber = Luke Skywalker, then Audica = Han Solo. Light Sabers are fun (yeah, that’s not going away any time soon) but so are guns and Audica scratches yet another itch we never knew we had.

Celldweller’s Weaponized (mapped by Shark) is the perfect song to show off what custom maps are capable of with its big heavy weapon sounds all shot in sync to one epic beat.


The community is in its early stages (a spec compared to our BSMG), but already, we’ve had a blast building a map editor, custom sounds, playing with new weapons, platforms, etc.

With two official updates already and two new official maps coming later this week, Audica is off to a fantastic start. If you have any interest in helping to build another addicting take on VR rhythm games, come join our community here: [](

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