Apple acquired Vrvana, a headset startup for augmented reality

As part of its efforts to sell smart glasses in 2020, the Cupertino company has bought Vrvana for 30 million dollars. As part of its efforts to meet its goal of selling smart glasses by 2020, Apple has acquired Vrvana for 30 million dollars, TechCrunch reported. It is a startup founded in 2005 in Montreal, Canada, which developed Totem, a kind of mixed reality headsets that never reached the market.

About a dozen Vrvana employees, including general manager Bertrand Nepveu, have been working in the augmented reality division of the Cupertino company for weeks, Business Insider reported. In fact, Apple’s RA division is led by Mike Rockwell, a former Dolby executive. Totem combines key technologies of both augmented reality and virtual reality to allow both experiences in a single handset. The device is capable of superimposing digital images in color over the real world. The startup could be a great advantage for Apple against competitors like Microsoft’s HoloLens.


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