Apple acquired the release of Vrvana augmented reality headphones for $ 30 million.

Apple increases the work to send an augmented reality helmet in 2020, has acquired a startup in Montreal, Canada, which could help you get there. Apple acquired Vrvana, manufacturer of the Totem headphones, which had excellent reviews but were never sent. The agreement was for about $ 30 million on Apple’s interest in AR hardware, the company has been very concerned and, in general, is very secretive about completely new future products. This acquisition is perhaps the clearest indicator of what the company hopes to develop.

Several of the startup’s employees have joined Apple in California. The Vrvana site is still active, and it stopped updating the social accounts and the news in August of this year. It is not clear which Vrvana products, current product or business roadmap

The only product that Vrvana displays on its site is the unprecedented Totem headset, an expanded reality device that uses key technologies from both AR and virtual reality to allow both experiences in a single handset.


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