Anyone else having issues receiving E-mails from the big O?

Hey guys. This is my first Reddit topic so go easy on me. I’ve never really “got” Reddit and I’m still trying to figure it out, but r/oculus seems like a decent community so I figured I’d try a post. Anyway, enough intro waffle…

My E-mails go through my own .com hosted by Hostgator, rather than any of the big providers like Gmail or Outlook. In the past, I’ve had issues receiving E-mails from Oculus for reasons unknown, but every other website I’m a member of can contact me just fine. E-mails from their support staff come through fine but any automated E-mail from is very hit and miss. I remember when I first placed the preorder for the Rift I kept clicking the “E-mail me my order status” link and filling out my info and the E-mail would only arrive probably about 10% of the time.

I told support about the issue and they didn’t seem to believe me, so i asked them to send me SMTP logs showing E-mails being sent to me and any response they might’ve received but they said this was “outside of the scope of what Oculus Support provides”. Has anyone had similar issues before? With the news of people receiving shipping confirmation I’m really anxious to see/not see mine.

TL;DR version: My E-mail provider isn’t one of the main ones. Has anyone else had issues receiving Oculus E-mails?

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