Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset – Hands On Review


After making a big splash in 2016 with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, the virtual reality market has been quietly moving toward the next generation of flagship headsets. Since the Rift and Vive, we’ve seen a handful of alternatives enter the fray, like the Google Daydream and PSVR — but it’s been a while a brand-new PC VR headset hit the market.

Microsoft aims to change that with its Mixed Reality platform, offering manufacturers like Acer, Dell, and Samsung the technology and software compatibility they need to break into the PC VR space. Microsoft wants Windows Mixed Reality to become the third major player in the VR space.

At $400, the Acer Mixed Reality headset comes with everything you need to get started — two touch controllers, the headset, and even batteries for the controllers. That’s it. There aren’t any external sensors to worry about here. The headset features inside-out tracking, so it uses two front-mounted sensors to detect your position in space, rather than external units like the Vive and Rift.

The Acer headset is a neat, tidy little package — but can it really be a challenger to the two undisputed champions of the VR space?


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