A request to our friends at Oculus and Facebook

Let me start by saying that what you’re working on is incredible, and we’re all in. Most of us can’t wait to see where the future of VR takes us. but please allow us to add our own links on the home page. It’s frustrating that any time we want to load a VR application (yes this does include steam among others) we have to remove our headsets and break immersion. I know it seems a trivial thing, but I don’t see much point in fighting the tide. We (your customers and supporters) are simply going to find ways around this anyway (a few options already exist). but it would be nice to do so with your support, and without having to cobble together buggy alternatives. So please, as an act of good will, leave the front door unlocked, and let us venture out into the wilderness. We won’t stray too far. Dinner is just a few hours away and we’ll be hungry.

Your enthusiastic supporters

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