2 Sensor Setup

The room I have my rift setup in is 11′ x 9′ and I was hoping to hang my current 2-sensor setup across from one another. I currently have them both facing me from the front on my computer desk.

[THIS](http://imgur.com/a/klFjX) is what I’m hoping to achieve by hanging them from the tops of the walls facing downward towards my chest. Has anyone tried it with that span? Will it be unplayable? I do plan to get a third sensor down the line but for the meantime was hoping this would suffice.

edit: The Rift setup just said “Adjust your sensor so that they are between 3 feet and 6 feet apart. The repeat the steps on the left.”. That contradicts the setup guide stickied on this sub.

edit 2: I just clicked next.

edit 3: The tracking with my dimensions is rock solid so far…I’m going to test a few games and report back.

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