Tried Bullets & More VR for the first time last night and just….WOW!

This game reminds me of if they took H3VR and added multiplayer. It’s definitely faster paced than Onward and unlike that game it gives you ample options for Locomotion. Since I’m pretty immune to nausea I went with trackpad based locomotion. (Hint if you are duel wielding with track pad locomotion push the menu button on the controller you want to move with to enable movement. I had to ask someone to get this to work).

EDIT: I played this on the Vive but it supports the Rift too. Just not sure how the controls work.

After a couple of rounds in the timed shooting course to get a feel for the weapons I went into multiplayer. The first Map that I ended up with was just awesome! It was a map where everything was giant sized like as if you were in Alice in Wonderland and got shrunken down to miniature size (Think the first Kingdom Hearts game). The action was fast paced and when you die you go back to a lobby room which has a portal you walk into to respawn. This is cool because it gives you a chance to reload your weapons. There are also attachments for your guns sitting on a table in that same room and a console on the wall to change your class.

Then the next map loaded up which was a new addition with FREAKIN ZOMBIES!!! And I’m not talking like the zombie mode on Call of Duty I’m talking a team death match where the map is also full of zombies that you have to avoid and/or kill at the same time you are trying to kill the other team. I could tell that this was a work in progress but it definitely has great potential.

All in all I can tell that BAM VR is still in early access but god damn is it a lot of fun. My only complaint is that it needs more attention. I’m not trying to convert Onward junkies because I think it’s a different animal and there is room for both. But if you ever get tired of the slow pace of Onward and want some quick action with tons of carnage come check out BAM and help build the community. It’s definitely worth the price of admission.

TL/DR: BAM is freakin awesome but needs more players. Its fast paced and has a lot of creativity in its content (even has the ability to create your own maps). Plus where else can you play a team death match on a map full of zombies?

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