Touch vs Vive GRIP buttons – A question for rift and vive owners

I demo’d some SteamVR titles to a friend and he soon asked how you could tell if a game is optimized for Rift or not.

Without thinking I said: “Their use of the grip button is fucked.”

Has anybody else found that this is the case?

I remember this in very early builds of Onward, but this is still the case with games like Bullets and More, Pavlov and now even SteamVR’s HOME.

Developers don’t seem to want to use grip, or if they do it doesn’t seem to make sense.

Trigger seems to pick up items sometimes, then grip will drop them. Pavlov is driving me crazy as I have to sometimes double click grip to drop an object.

Are those grip buttons on the Vive wand really that messed up that dev’s shy away from it and use trigger instead?

I’ve had the chance to demo the Vive once months ago, and I honestly don’t even remember using the grip buttons.

Edit* After having my little rant I found some posts on the Vive sub stating the same thing.

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