Touch means more than just roomscale for us.

Obviously it means more people playing eachother’s games and therefore more money flowing to the devs that need it.

We know it will mean rift users can play awesome games and that touch software like medium will be accessible to each side.

But one thing I genuinely think is missed too often is the end of a majority of the hate. Since day one it’s been banter and hate on forums like reddit and in the shit hole comment sections of youtube. We’ve tried to calm the excessively hateful amd one sided. We’ve seen games like Altspace where we can talk to eachother but yet this bullshit of us vs. them continues. We argue, we fight, we hate. But so far, it’s been mainly through text.

I predict, and hope, that in the coming months the power of the medium will shine through the few that still muck the pools of this community. When was the last time you played a game with someone from the other side? Bigscreen? Altspace? How many hours do you have in those games in comparison to the 50+ other games I’m your vr library?

The answer. For most of us, including myself, simply not enough. We hate eachother because all we know is specs. We’ve been fundamentaly cutoff from each other. Playing our own games and talking within our own community, about our problems. And fuck it, that makes sense and if given 50 years in this same situation not much would change. I want to clarify I don’t want to tell any of your to change the way you act, that’s foolish.

I want to predict that after we meet each other face to face. Once we kill eachother mercilessly in Rec Room, solve puzzles, argue, joke, and really meet eachother the hate will fade.

Touch means roomscale, money, and players sure.

But as cheesey as it sounds it also means desperately needed friendships.

Touch means a new era for rifters as the community reaches out into this beautiful world but it also means that we will finally talk to each other. We will play more games together. Vive/Rift master race won’t die off but it will subside.

TLDR: It will get better, we will learn to like eachother and I think that beyound anything else, that will show the true power of VR.

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