Strike Suit Zero – Oculus Ready

Another awesome title that has been confirmed for the Oculus Rift is Strike Suit Zero created by Born Ready Games.

James Brooksby, CEO Born Ready Games is trying to bring the space combat genre back in style, tailoring it after the likes of Wing Commander, Freelancer and Colony Wars.

Unlike a lot of games funded by Kickstarter  Strike Suit Zero just needs a little bit of cash to ‘finish the game’ which means if you were one of the lucky contributors on Kickstarter, then you are getting more than your moneys worth!

The game will feature an obviously EPIC story line, Massive Fleet Battles and Insane Dog fights. Strapping on your Rift will surely push this space game to the next level.

Confirmed as a supported title, early contributors are allowed access to the also Oculus Rift Ready BETA.

Get the game on Steam Here – 20% OFF Limited Time Offer

Check out the Kickstarter Page here

And see their website here


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