Rec Room UPDATE IS LIVE – the “Rise of Jumbotron” edition

OK big update this week! Here’s what’s new…

Just in time for [National High Five Day]( it’s…

* A **brand new Rec Room Quest: “The Rise of Jumbotron!”** Robot invaders threaten the galaxy… Do you have what it takes to board the mothership and defeat their fearsome leader Jumbotron? Team up with your friends and bring the laser heat!


* Two new **avatar outfits** that you can unlock by completing The Rise of Jumbotron: “The Laser Marine” and “The Smuggler”.

* New **letter grade team score** for both Quests… your team will now receive a letter grade based on your score. The better your grade, the better the items you’ll receive!

* Major **networking optimization**. Our data rates had gotten very high, so we took a machete to it and our sending ~50% as much data.

* More tweaks to **3D Charades** – adjusted round times based on player feedback and fixed bugs where spectators could steal cards/the 3D pen.

* Fixed a bug where some textures didn’t look right in the **streamer cam** (accessible via Settings in your watch)

* Some support added fo Jong Yi’s paintball tournament! Slowly figuring out what features we need so that it’s easy to arrange and host tournaments and other events in Rec Room. Feedback and suggestions welcome!

As always, thanks for playing Rec Room! We love you! We’d love to hear any feedback you have, positive or negative. So come find us on the Steam Forums, on Reddit (/r/recroom), on Discord, or on Twitter (@againstgrav). Please note that we recently published global forum rules:

Have fun and be excellent to each other!

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