Walking in a rifty Wander-Land

The Oculus Rift is coming to PAX Australia 2013 (Penny Arcade Expo) with Gravity Four, a Melbourne and Vancouver-based game studio.

Gravity Four will be demonstrating their game, Wander, which is described as a “non-combative, non-competitive, collaborative multiplayer game for Mac, Linux and Windows” and will now come equipped with support for the rift.

Now, Wander might not sound too appealing to a number of gamers, including myself, who enjoy the accruing of points, achievements and high body counts…or some kind of discernible story, but put simply, this is not that sort of game.

The recently released trailer shows an Ent/Dryad/Spriggan Tree-man taking a leisurely stroll wander through a luscious forest, an Elf walking wandering across an ivory wrought bridge, a tropical beach and through jungle ruins, as well as a Griffon flying wandering up an impressive waterfall, complete with Avatar-esque floating rocks and islands with more waterfalls and hanging roots to swoop between…and an Azartash.

Azartash, as far as I am aware, are amphibious humanoid-ish creatures with long tails for swimming wandering in the seas. So essentially this is an exploration and mythical creature simulator with a varied and wonderfully detailed game world to explore, which is where this, rather different, game and the OR become a perfect match.

Imagine wandering, flying or swimming around these intriguing and beautiful landscapes, fully immersed in the OR and being able to take in all the digital natural beauty as well as being able to share that with friends, and it really does become a rather intriguing prospect.

Gravity Four released a Wander alpha in March and are still taking applications for alpha and beta testers here

Check out their Indie DB for more on information on Wander

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