Oculus Rift Steals The Show With Jimmy Fallon

The Verge’s Josh Topolski appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night to showcase some of the highlight gadgets from CES, and in particular, the magnificent Oculus Rift. As well as the Rift, they played with the new Blackberry Z10 and the Razor Edge tablet.

Even before Jimmy puts the Rift on, he states that “everyone is talking about this thing”. Immediately, Fallon’s reaction was priceless and of course, to be expected. WHAT IS GOING ON?! Fallon was experiencing first hand the magnitude of this new piece of gaming hardware. The Rift’s High Field of View is something that will blow away even the most hardcore gamers and the incredibly responsive and low latency head tracking plunges you into the game.

After wandering through the snowy medieval marketplace demo that runs on the Unreal engine, Jimmy unwittingly wonders up to a Knight in shinning armor and proceeds to inspect his cod piece. While this may not entirely be the best use for the OR, it did raise a laugh or two. .

Jimmy’s last thought:

“It’s a game changer”

You’re right there Jimmy… You’re right there.

Fallon Rift 1

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