New Indiegala VR Bundle(VI), 10 VR games for $3.99 for 24h contains:
[Roomscale Coaster](
[The Purge Day](
[Project Shield](
[69 Ways to Kill a Zombie](
[Off-Road Paradise: Trial 4×4](
[Outrageous Grounds: The Maze](
[Mountain Mind – Headbanger’s VR](
[Perfect Angle VR – Zen edition](
[Lost in the Rift – Reborn](

Some other VR bundles/deals:
[Humble Wild Frontier Bundle]( for $1 has:
[Ice Lakes]( which has VR support.
[FRONTIERS]( should be getting VR support, from [steam forums]( a few days ago:
> “Now that I’ve upgraded to Unity 5.6 it’s back on the table.”

Dirt Rally is included(together with Inside and six unknown games) for $12 in this months [Humble Monthly]( link)

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