New Crysis Mod Courtesy Of Nathan Andrews (Again)

These modders can do anything, can’t they? In particular, it seems that Nathan Andrews can, and if these big publishers don’t hurry up, the young man’s going to beat them all to the punch and port all of their games over to the Rift for them.

Having recently given us a ported version of Valve’s Half Life 2 (and 1), he’s turned his gaze towards the first Crysis game, which makes use of the CryEngine2 system (as opposed to the CryEngine3 used for console versions), as opposed to Valve’s Source engine.

“I ported the Half-Life 2 VR mod that I’ve been working on over to Crysis and Crysis Wars (and also CryEngine 3 if anyone is interested in building a game from the ground up with VR support),” writes Andrews.

“A few things to note, my aiming isn’t awesome for a couple of reason, I haven’t yet modded the crosshairs to track properly so they’re currently disabled and I haven’t fixed the iron sights to work in the mod so I’m just firing based on reflex, plus this was one of my first sessions with the setup in this game… The actual gun tracking is even more responsive than my previous videos as I’m now using a new tracker, a 9DOF 1000hz YEI 3-space tracker (over 4x the Hillcrest tracker rate even with the Hillcrest’s beta firmware that John Carmack had).”

One of the most impressive parts of Nathan’s Crysis mod is its independent head and arm movement. Instead of using the Topshot Elite from his HL2 mod, Andrews has gone for a Mag 2 controller with a thumbstick on the front grip, but with more buttons than the top shot. Andrews states on his Youtube page that ‘for now movement is just like it is with a gamepad using your left thumb. There are people solving the immersive movement, I’m looking forward to seeing where they end up in the next year or so.’

It’s great to see how fast the Rift is evolving. The developer kits are still on ice, but it hasn’t stopped a host of modders from cracking on without it.

This video is sure to please a certain Mr Carmack.

Keep up the great work Nathan.

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