Miner Wars: 2081 – Oculus Ready

The Miner Wars Team released a statement (here) that the in-house VRAGE Engine powering Miner Wars: 2081 has been designed with TrackIR headtracking, so players will be able to look around with complete 6DoF (‘6 Degrees of Freedom’ simply means being able to move across all 3 of the perpendicular axis – left/right, up/down, forwards/ backwards) candor.

Whilst other engines do allow for 6DoF (the ID engine that Doom uses comes as standard in the developer pack), no other games (as yet) allow for the 6DoF movement to be experienced natively.

And since it is in stereo, the developers have revamped the cock pits to look crispier, and with views out the sides of the cockpit (and that sweet sweet 110 degree viewing angle), players will benefit from views of the battlefield in ways that weren’t even entertained before the Oculus Rift.

And beyond that, the developers are even adding FreeTracking for those that only have access to a web cam. This will give them the benefit of headtracking without the need to upgrade their hardware right away.  They say they want their fans to be able to upgrade on their own schedule. How nice of them.

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