Join us for British Summer Time (BST) in Hyde Park where we will be capturing the latest and greatest in Stereo 360 Degree VR

You name it, Eric Clapton did it first. He put blues rock on the map with The Yardbirds; he set the standard for psychedelia and blazed the trail for hard rock with pioneering power trio Cream; he became rock’s first real guitar hero with his biting-but-lyrical style. Alongside Duane Allman in Derek & The Dominos, he unleashed an epic fretboard frenzy on the emotion-soaked “Layla.” Going solo in the ‘70s, he dug into his roots and helped introduce reggae to rock fans via his cover of Bob Marley’s “I Shot the Sheriff.” Wherever he has roamed, his fearless, fluid guitar lines have led the way.

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