Half Life 2 Homebrew Mod For Oculus Rift – CVG

A good egg by the name of Nathan Andrews has developed a homebrew VR tracking MOD for Half Life 2 (and 1), meaning that players will have one of the greatest games of all time to play on when they get their Rifts.

“I’ve added full head tracking and weapon tracking to Half-Life 2 in preparation for the Oculus Rift dev kit launch,” writes the creator Nathan Andrews. “Once the official rift APIs are available I’ll integrate them, giving people over 70 hours of content (this also works for episode 1 & 2, the Lost Coast and tons of user generated maps, etc) that they can use to test out their Rift.”

Full story here on the CVG site.

Link to the driver download here.

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  1. VRobsession says:

    This really is the holy grail right here! The dream is finally becoming a reality. Bring it on! Great site by the way, visiting everyday.

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