Get your hands on Your Own Oculus Rift for FREE!!

Thats right, it has come to our attention that you can GET YOUR HANDS on an Oculus Rift some time in April to try out first hand!

While it sounds ever so slightly spam like, the website will let you earn yourself an Oculus Rift when the come out. The idea is pretty simple. You sign up using Facebook, which takes less that a second and involves no typing whatsoever (They even have the decency to advise they WONT SPAM YOUR FRIENDS, which they don’t) and you then get in line to try the device out upon launch. If you in turn tweet  blog or post your link which will look like and get others to, in turn, sign up, then you will get prompted up the queue.

It is a novel idea which i know will certainly do well as everyone loves a freebie and now you the reader are given the chance to Earn yourself a Rift.

Make sure you take advantage of this awesome deal before the Rift is in everyone else’s hands!! Click here to get in line.

This, from what i am aware is only available to Facebook users as they use Facebook to verify you are in fact a real human being. Something i am still dubious about but nonetheless, give it go here 




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  1. Donald Selig says:

    to expensive? im pretty sure this is a reasonable amount of money, even the ps4 costs more than this. if you’re worried about expenses, then start saving before the consumer product of this is released.

  2. Joseph Beam says:

    I want to make YouTube videos with it so i can be successful in life so I can afford things so I don’t have to spend another 12 year in college…

  3. ninjamax1234 says:

    If you can message me and get me a oculus rift it would be awesome i will do anything it is to expensive at the moment for me don’t thing i’m poor Im not but it would be cool if you give a free on to me ill appreciate it and will make a video supporting it

  4. Christian Taylor says:

    The oculus rift is probably expensive for reasons that i might just know,
    The 1st reason is mostly because of how many people bought it.
    I wish i could afford the oculus rift! it must be loads of fun playing online with people!

  5. Jason Norman says:

    I hvae been dying to try this ive been thinking about making videos on youtube using the oculus rift DK 1 or 2 but can affort it please let me use this and promote this

  6. Bryan Dickerson says:

    I would love to have one. I am in ATL and would definitely promote for you all. Have a lot of contact with the music and movie industry that I can get involved!

  7. ali hijazi says:

    please need one for free please no damage i’me from Lebanon and no oculus rifts there I can get thank you please need it

  8. headshotbla says:

    Well the Oculus rift hasn’t arived to my country now , almost 98% of them didn’t heard of it , and i can’t buy one cuz i didn’t find one , and if i found one it would be so expensive , and even if i had the money and i want to buy it , i can’t , cuz getting a Dollar or an Euro in my countey is really hard , and even if i had 350$ i can’t buy it cuz it can’t be shipped to my country , so it’s impossible , i think my country need 3 or 4 more years to get it hand’s on the oculus , so please start selling the oculus on my country Algeria , so maybe one day i can get an oculus rift and play Games with it , Thank’s for reading .

  9. headshotbla says:

    i will promote for it :p
    i mean a lot of ppl didn’t hear about it , but if they tried it , they will be like ” oh my god that a new technology i should buy one ” , and others will be like ” ok now i can start selling them ooh i will get a lot of money from it ” , what am trying to say that is algeria is like every other country , were not poor cuz we are african’s , i mean yes we have a lot of intressted ppl with the new technology that you have here .

    • Moh Amed says:

      Hi , thank you for your comment , and I wanna thank you for letting me get my hands on oculus rift , that’s an honor for me and if you have readen this replay , please tell me more information ,

  10. Belinda Williams says:

    I would like to make an unusual proposition, but perhaps not unheard of- I was hoping you might have some beta testing or review opportunities for your PC VR interfaces. Given that this may be an unusual request for you, please allow me to explain my background before making your reply, for my own background and circumstances offer some unique skills and perspectives that you may find useful. At the end of this message, I will provide links that verify the truth in what I will be saying here.

    Nine years ago, Amazon invited me into their Vine reviewer program, an invite-only program they have for their most trusted reviewers in order to obtain honest and quality reviews on items provided by participating vendors and manufacturers. While my income is very limited due to multiple disabilities(I used to be very athletic, but sustained 9 spine fractures in a 30 foot fall on my bicycle, where I landed on granite boulders), my greatest strength when testing and reviewing products involves those that are either primary multimedia products or accessories for such products. In addition, I have been a beta tester in good standing through Centercode ( for 9 years,, a company that offers beta testing services for companies such as Avira, Zone labs, TP-Link, Honeywell, Roku, and others. I have personally been a beta tester for streaming devices, security cameras, smartphones, tablets, routers, wifi repeaters, security software, and various firmware.

    Last week, Amazon offered me the Alienware AW15R3-7001SLV-PUS laptop to review. This laptop is VR ready and compatible with your Oculus Rift VR interface. As the system appears to permit upgrades, I intend to upgrade the RAM to 32GB in order to better handle the high data-speeds required for the most sophisticated games. At present, most of my gaming is limited to my PS4, but I do have a 4K Samsung monitor (received from Amazon for review) as well as a 4K smart television (TCL, provided by Roku during a beta test, one of the few beta products testers have been permitted to keep). I also have premium soundbar systems by Sony and Yamaha. While the Sony has already been reviewed, I am in the process of reviewing the Yamaha. Both have 4K a mirrorcast capabilities. I generally prefer using ocular cable interfaces for my higher end audio experiences in order to maintain the highest standards using DTS technology. My router is a 3200AC TP-Link Archer.

    While I do have a small Dell laptop that is an upgrade on the Toshiba I obtained a couple of years ago, the limited SSD space for it and integrated RAM that cannot be upgraded has relegated it to work use only. While specifications on the Toshiba list the maximum RAM as 8 gigabytes, my own investigations revealed it can handle 16GB RAM, and has been running well with the increased RAM for 2 years now. I fully intend the new Alienware system to fully replace the Toshiba I am currently using, for it has both the hard drive space I require (and I have an external as well that I can use to expand it), as well as graphics drivers and other hardware profiles that are far superior to my current system’s build.

    I currently work for an online high school, and am often looking for technology I can integrate into my lesson plans within the various sciences. I also volunteer for Little Shop of Physics out of Colorado State University, a mobile, hands-on science fair that never fails to get children excited about science and technology. In addition, a group from the school I work at is an annual participant in Denver’s Comic Con, often offering side presentations simply for the fun of sharing our own areas of expertise and interest. My Service Dog has even learned to use some of the technology we have shared, creating highly amusing sideshows that kids in particular enjoy.

    In addition to these things, while I am not the official IT person for the school, the main IT person specializes in mac systems, and often refers any problems with PC’s to me to troubleshoot- which I am always successful with. I have never taken a computer course, but have been on computers since the late 1970’s, as young as 5 years old, for my father was a multimedia engineer. His areas of expertise involved hardware, including designing integrated circuit boards, high-end audio/visual equipment (Replay TV, Sonic Blue, Denon & Marantz), and was the lead engineer in Amazon’s Kindle and Fire line of products. He is now retired. My brother is a software and networking engineer. As to me, I’m a microbiologist, and technology just happens to be a hobby of mine. However, prior to my accident, I was in medical school and a student of good standing. I also worked in multiple areas of biomedical research and had been hoping to use VR as a means of exploring potential new techniques, as well as to practice and perfect existing research and surgical techniques.

    On a final note, as you can imagine, with 9 fractures to my neck and upper back, I had significant functional losses associated to the nerve damage. It had been many years since I had given up gaming on PC’s, but decided to take it up following my accident as a means of helping forge new pathways in my recovery from both the spinal injuries and traumatic brain injury. This has been largely successful. I have regained full use of my hands, and my eye-alignment issues that had been causing double vision have significantly improved, now only bothering me when I am overtired. My speech had likewise been affected, and has showed similar improvements, except when stressed or tired. All of this has been without formal physical therapy.

    Taking all of this into account, it is my hope that you might consider me as a candidate to test and review a VR interface that is compatible with the Alienware AW15R3-7001SLV-PUS Amazon is sending me this week to review. Having it available will also permit me to be more complete with my review of the computer itself, for I would otherwise be unable to test that particular function of the system. My reviewing and beta testing activities have been the only means I’ve had for obtaining “luxury” items in recent years, and I consider myself very fortunate that so many of them have been useful in aiding my recovery- enough so that I am now seeking a return to working in the biomedical research field, with the caveat that I must convince potential employers that it can be done without my service dog being endangered or endangering the experiments taking place in a lab. While I have devised solutions for every potential conflict, the burden of proof for convincing them that it can work still lies with me… my dog now has a lycra bodysuit to contain his fur, boots, and RexSpecs goggles. I will be modifying his suit in order to also cover his tail and create a hood, which will only leave his face and ears exposed.

    On a final note, I would be interested in seeking out software for producing my own VR materials, to learn how it works, the programming, and just how broad the capabilities are. If I can eventually get access to a 3D printer, I would also like to see if I can integrate VR into the 3D designs would produce for it, for I am proficient with CAD software and am curious as to how it may be useful for VR simulation designs in order to create “virtual” tests of 3D printed objects before actually printing them.

    So… can you help me, provided I do what I can to help you? should I discover anything negative, I promise I will discuss it and ideas about it with you first, rather than writing any negative reviews without offering a chance to address and correct any issues.

    My Amazon reviewer profile can be viewed here:

    Some of my relevant reviews are as follows:
    EXCELLENT Gaming Headset!

    The following would have been rated lower, had it been offered at a higher price point

    TP-Link Archer T4UH High Gain Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter (AC1200) (discovered work-around for absent Windows 10 driver)

    4K monitor, used for split-screen work when working with data and spreadsheets at work

    Soundbar system I was SUPPOSED to review, and did, in spite of having been provided with additional components

    Discovery of description error of CPU- turned out to be upgrade

    (the following review was based on the fact that Amazon included the satellite speakers with the soundbar system they sent, and thus is a more appropriate review for it, even though I was only required to review the soubdbar system alone:

    PS4 HDD upgrade kit:

    Original Amazon Kindle (I was a beta tester, and believe this review may have been responsible for my invite into the Vine reviewer program):

    Casio music workstation:

    Anyway, these are some examples of my work and my reviewing techniques. I truly hope you will give some consideration to my proposal, for I am truly interested in including the VR capabilities into my review of the Alienware system, which is due for arrival on March 1st due to tracking, and reviewing the VR devices themselves. My favorite series of books since the mid to late 1990’s has been the “Otherland” series by Tad Williams (City of Golden Shadow, River of Blue Fire, Mountain of Black glass, Sea of Silver Light), with a story-line taking place within an entirely VR environment, and sheepishly admit that it has had a significant influence in further raising my curiosity as to where current VR technology is at and the direction it is taking. The books themselves even managed to predict several technology advances that have since become a reality, and I am fascinated as to what the future has in store for it.

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