Facebook have fully working SLAM and scene reconstruction – a glimpse into CV2

People have been talking about the amazing AR announcements on Facebook. But this technology relies on SLAM and the tech came from, drum roll….. the Oculus team.

This is a peak into what the Oculus computer visions teams can do and its very encouraging for CV2.

– The can fully scan and reconstruct a scene with a single camera in real time on smartphone hardware

– They can recognise objects in the world with 1 camera and manipulate them on smartphone hardware

– They can recognise fast moving human subjects (with only 1 camera) and extremely accurately produce a real time skeleton and position all of their limbs

– They can detect and mask out objects in the real world using only phone hardware.


Now transpose that to a Gen2 constellation tracking system. A marker-less tracking system that can accurately put your whole body into VR. Potentially a wireless headset with inside out tracking a la Santa Cruz prototype. AR pass though to bring the real world into VR with the ability to skin, move and change objects in real time (data either from the headset or from constellation cameras, doesn’t matter if you are doing reconstruction).

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