DayZ to Be Rift Compatible

Arguably the greatest mod (and zombie game) of all time (let’s forget about Counterstrike for a moment), DayZ is as suitable a game as any for the Rift. Voted one of the 5 scariest games ever made, it immerses players in a world where zombie viruses, low blood pressure and a healthy body temperature are all high up the list of each player’s agenda.

On top of this, the gameplay style allows players to look and shoot in two completely different directions, thereby lending itself EXTREMELY WELL to the Rift. MTBS3D user MaterialDefender has been creating a driver for ARMA 2 (and therefore DayZ) for some time, and as far as I’m aware the beta testing is being carried out at the moment.

I came across this little Q and A on the DayZ forum from last week which is a transcript of a 3 hour interview with Project Lead Dean Rocket Hall. Props to smasht_AU for sitting down and transcribing the interview in it’s entirety.

Here Dean addresses the Rift:


Q: Will DayZ be Oculus Rift or TrackIR supported?’

A: Well I met the Oculus Rift guys at Pax West and tried it out and it was freaking awesome. They were big fans of DayZ and ArmA so we want to do everything we can to ensure that happens. However, ArmA and DayZ suffer from a very complex entity so achieving a locked frame rate at 60 FPS is very difficult because you can’t guarantee what is going to happen and you need that constant 60 FPS to make the Oculus Rift work. So the challenge isn’t to technically support it (because we already do support TrackIR), the challenge is optimizing the game.

You don’t want to optimize too early so we need to do all the innovation and then we do a lot of optimization so we will see how it goes, but we love it and having played with the Oculus Rift myself I can hands down say that it will make DayZ a thousand times better and that’s not an exaggeration. I don’t know how many people have tried the Oculus Rift but if you get the chance to then do it but like I say we are going to have to do a lot of optimization.


Pricing hasn’t been decided yet, but I have it on good authority that it  will be competitive and will include an early bird discount for the first users to download it.

The full release is expected around the time the dev kits ship and updates can be found on this MTBS3D forum thread.

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