CyberReality’s Vireio Perception Drivers – Release Imminent

Whilst the release of Dev kits for the Rift has been pushed back, there have been no shortage of developers creating tailor-made drivers to be used with pre-existing games. With it’s custom optics, custom aspect ratios (the Rift operates at an unconventional 8:10) and 3DoF head-tracking, older games need a little bit of help to deliver an experience that doesn’t make you vomit all over your controller.

One of these drivers is the Vireio (pronounced ‘Veer-e-o – short for Virtual Reality Input Output) Perception: a 3D driver from CyberReality. I spoke to CyberReality this afternoon, and they informed me that the driver is due for release` sometime this week. It will be free and is open source.

In the same way that the nVidia, DDD and AMD drivers help deliver stereoscopic gaming to PC titles, the Vireio Perception drivers not only create the second virtual view (as do the above drivers), but also warp the left and right images to work with the Rift’s optics, incorporating full (three degrees of freedom) head-tracking.

The driver itself was announced back on November on the popular MTBS3D forum – one of the few places that Palmer Luckey has responded to posts personally – and it already boasts support for a host of AAA titles. A working package can be downloaded from CyberReality’s site, and the source code is being served on github.  There is also an official (and extremely useful) Perception forum on MTBS3D.

To date, the driver supports Left 4 Dead, Half-Life 2, Portal 2, Skyrim, Mirror’s Edge and Unreal Tournament, meaning they will all be playable straight out of the box.

We’ll post updates as and when we receive them.

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  1. Lark says:

    I wonder if these drivers will use a modeled skeleton for the camera so that the point of rotation isn’t at the eyes but at top of a virtual neck.

  2. Laast says:

    It will be the same method as Nvidia 3Dvision, but applied to the Rift (specific resolution, lens effects,…). The most difficult thing is that some shaders in some games required to be fixed in order to have a right depht rendering (I think about skybox, water or shadows in Skyrim for example). Let’s hope CyberReality will fix most of them (like Helix did for 3Dvision users).

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