Cyberreality Joins The Oculus Team As Community Manager

Big congratulations to CyberReality, who’s become an official cog in the Oculus Autobot. The announcement came last week on the MTBS3D forum (generally a pretty good place to check for Oculus-related announcements!), with CyberReality joining OculusVR as Community Manager (he already acts as a Moderator on MTBS3D). As Community Manager, he will oversee the forums, moderate our relentless (and often bloodthirsty) posts, and add some light touches to his Perception drivers (he has now open-sourced the driver code and effectively handed over it’s future prosperity to the VR community).


… I am not going to be able to have an active development role on the driver. I will be around to help people in the community if they want to become a¬†contributor ¬†and I can probably make some small updates (like support of the Rift tracker) but not much more than that. It’s just that I won’t have the time to be working on it seriously, so I thought it was a better idea to put it in the hands of the community. I think that was the best thing for everyone.

– CyberReality


This is another acquisition by Oculus that shows that they are looking not just for smart programmers and rain men, but for people that have a passion for VR and credibility in the hacker/tinkerer communities. CyberReality will be one of the lucky few that gets to turn his hobby into his profession and for that I say BRAVO.

It’s always nice to see someone move from the realms of unofficiality to the front office – although, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the gap between software that has ‘official support’ and software that does not is narrow at best. It’s also nice to see talent recognized (and CyberReality has certainly shown that he has it in ample amounts), and this should provide modders around the world with ha warm fuzzy feeling that all those nights spent messing with drivers aren’t in vein.

MTBS3D is a platform that gets a lot of attention from the official players, in much the same way that Pop Idol provides a platform for those with brilliant voices.

Is MTBS3D the Pop Idol of the hacking community…?

I hope not, but I do hope that more and more individuals are recognized for their ability and scooped up.

Well done CyberReality!!

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