Could the Oculus Rift allow game designers to invent new, impossible colors?

I saw this on Reddit earlier. It’s a pretty interesting (and pretty acid-related) piece on how the Rift could allow us all to see colours that haven’t been invented yet…

Essentially, by taking advantage of the fact that we have two eyes, we could have pure blue in one eye and pure yellow in the other, which would then be “mixed” together in your brain. The result is that you can perceive a color that is both yellow and blue simultaneously without being green.

Here is another example image that allows you to cross your eyes. You might have an easier time with this than you would with the one on the Wikipedia article. It was also featured here on Reddit.

So, could developers take advantage of this to make interesting gameplay cues? By making an angel appear both blue and yellow, for example, it could create a certain air of impossible holiness. UI hints could be both green and red simultaneously. Keep in mind that this illusion doesn’t work for everyone, but I would like to see some of the developers who actually own the Rift try some experiments with this.

I love the idea, but in reality (I know, boring right?) I’m probably going to be sick all over my feet….

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