Chris Roberts Gets a Tour Of The Oculus VR Office

Star Citizen creator and gaming legend Chris Roberts was recently given a tour of the OculusVR office in Irvine.

The clip comes courtesy of Wingman’s Hangar, a news show that’s released weekly on the StarCitizenCommunity YouTube channel. Whilst the mini-tour was conducted back in November (original post at RobertSpaceIndustries here), the video was released on YouTube this week. In the video, an extended version of the tour is promised on, but I’ll be damned if I can find it (suggestion are welcome!).

The tour of the Office, conducted by OculusVR CEO Brendan Aribe, starts at Palmer’s desk which is, being an inventor, a bomb site. There are parts scattered everywhere, as well as console controllers, headphones and of course his desktop computer.

It then moves onto show some of the foamposite pieces of the Rift laid bare, along with the control, some spare parts that are produced courtesy of an in-house 3D printer and some early SLAs from China.

“I backed (the Rift) before we’d even connected because my dream is sitting in a cock pit, looking around – fully immersive, my hand on a HOTAS, hands on joystick/ throttle system, and everything I see through my VR is in the world of space.”

– Chris Roberts

Star Citizen was one of the first AAA titles to announce support for the Rift, and there is plenty of mutual admiration between both camps. A throwaway shot reveals a few boxed copies of the Wing Commander series lying atop one of the desks.

We can’t wait for StarCitizen’s release. Not only because we’re fans of Freelancer, or because flying around space in VR sounds f***ing RAD, but because the immersion of this game is going to be unbelievable.

The world is so detailed/ textured that Roberts has promised that you’ll forget you’re playing a game. Everything inside the cockpit moves and works meaning that players can interact with almost everything that’s laid out in front of them. In terms its visual fluidity, Roberts has stated the game’s physical world will be rendered at 100,000 faces (polygons), whereas most AAA games are usually set at 10,000 faces. In Layman’s terms, this means that when a spherical object is viewed in StarCitizen, it will have 100,000 sides, whereas the same object generated in a AAA title would have 10,000. This is a very general way of describing it, but the take home message is that StarCitizen will be 10 times crispier than what we’re used to.

One of the coolest things about StarCitizen however, is that will be named after the users that discover them. This means that users will be rewarded for their exploration with the chance of being a part of the StarCitizen till the end of time.

The Universe will be a living entity. It will change in accordance with actions of the users and the developers with the updates.

The in-game Universe will have content updates on a two-weekly (rather than bi-yearly) basis as well, meaning that new planetary systems, vehicles, missions etc will be added constantly.

This game is going to be badass.

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