Chris Kline On The Prospect Of A Rift-Friendly Bioshock

I just stumbled across this interview from IGN with Chris Kline (Technical Director at Irrational) about BioShock Infinite. Whilst the interview provides some insight into the different ways developers treat PC games compared with how they treat other platforms (full interview here), in one of the closing questions, Kline is asked about developing a Bioshock for the Rift. His response:

“True story: there’s a box in my basement right now where I still have a Nintendo Power Glove that I wired up to a custom RS-232 interface back in high school so I could write code for it on my Mac Classic. So personally I am super-excited to see VR hardware like the Oculus Rift come to fruition, and I think that the world of Columbia, with its expansive vistas and floating worlds to explore, would be an amazing location to explore through a head-mounted display. Now… can someone please send me one?”

I couldn’t agree more.

Is there a developer out there that isn’t excited about making games for the rift….?

I doubt it.

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  1. IonShard says:

    ha. Well I hope they can code support for head tracking better than they can for the mouse… as given the ducking awful mouse support in Bioshock 1 & 2 they clearly are a bunch of retarded duck wits.

  2. codswallopZombie says:

    @ IonShard

    Apparently, and this is from the same article that the above excerpt is from, irrational was kind of down on themselves for their subpar PC implementation in Bioshock (can’t speak for the developers who made the sequel) so with Infinite they have a whole team dedicated entirely to the PC experience. So that’s higher res textures, DX 11, and hopefully better control layouts.

    I for one am psyched for Bioshock Infinite through a Rift!

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