225,000 Views And Climbing For Nathan Andrews’ Half Life 2 Mod

In just two days, Nathan Andrews’ Half Life 2 Mod has caused quite the stir on YouTube. The video has amassed an astonishing 225,000 views and shows what man is capable of when armed only with a head tracker, an XBox controller and a roll of sellotape.

The video itself is combination of Nathan’s HL2 gameplay, and a web cam feed of him using the DIY setup in his lounge (modestly synced). His setup – a “top shot elite” xbox 360 controller with electrical tape holding a Hillcrest tracker on top, ran through the custom mod – is getting the gaming community pretty excited.

This really goes to show how much interest there is in Oculus Rift developments at the moment.

Let’s hope we all get our dev kits soon…

And for those of you out there lucky enough to have a HMD and a Hillcrest tracker (or two if you want to do the separate gun tracking), the mod is available for download here.

The original thread from the MTBS3D forum is here too.

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  1. Javis says:

    ha. Well I hope they can code support for head trckaing better than they can for the mouse as given the ducking awful mouse support in Bioshock 1 & 2 they clearly are a bunch of retarded duck wits.

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